Here’s What You Can Do If Your Dentures Broke in Half

Any denture wearer’s nightmare is a broken denture. The good news is that dentures that have been damaged can be repaired.

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The Most Common Reasons for a Broken Denture

Wear and tear is one of the most prevalent causes of a cracked denture. A denture has been through countless stress cycles of chewing and regular wear over the years. Temperature changes in hot and cold foods and beverages, as well as the acid and the moisture in the mouth, can all contribute to denture wear and tear.

A denture might loosen over time as a result of progressive bone loss. If the denture no longer fits properly, it will be more likely to slide around in the mouth. A denture’s lack of stability can lead to tension and pressure spots, which can lead to a fracture or break.

What Should You Do If Your Dentures Fail?

If your dentures break, you should first figure out what went wrong with the dental appliance. Depending on how your dentures have broken, you may or may not be able to make a temporary remedy at home before visiting your dentist.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make an appointment with your dentist. Describe the situation to your dentist by explaining the fractured area of your denture. Your dentist will then be able to help you schedule an emergency appointment.
  • Look for a denture repair kit on the market. Denture emergency repair kits are available at most local drug stores. Make sure the kit is labelled as suited for dental work and that it is FDA-approved. While several claim to be able to repair cracks, these kits are not intended for long-term use.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist. After attempting a temporary cure, schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist for a permanent treatment. Your dentist can repair your denture and ensure that it remains a pleasant replacement for missing teeth.

Repairing Partial Dentures

Acrylic and cast metal are used to make partial dentures. The teeth and pink gum sections are acrylics, while the clasps or “clips” are cast metal. You can repair a chipped tooth. You can fix the pink gum acrylic if it chips or splits. You can also fix a metal clip if it breaks. Even better, the majority of these repairs may be completed in a single day and at a reasonable cost. As a result, you shouldn’t have to go without your denture for an extended amount of time. It’s really convenient.

Repairing Complete Dentures

Acrylic is used to make complete dentures. There is no metal in this. Any cracking or fracturing of the acrylic, whether caused by teeth or pink gums, can be corrected. In our clinic, we consider the fractured area to be a part of the denture that has been subjected to excessive force. As a result, our lab repaired the fracture and reinforced the acrylic with a metal mesh. No, you won’t be able to feel the metal.

What is the Average Lifespan of Dentures?

Dentures begin to exhibit wear after roughly three years. Depending on the style of a denture and the material used, dentures can last anywhere from three to eight years. Dentures that are too thin are prone to cracking. Even if the fit between dentures is perfect, deterioration on the surfaces of the prosthetic teeth might cause uneven chewing distribution over time.

The bone and gum tissue that support a denture can also alter over time. Under the denture, the density of the jawbone begins to deteriorate. This may necessitate a denture repair called a reset or refitting.

Preventing Denture From Breaking

Acrylic, a specific, robust plastic substance that is resistant to harm, is used to make dentures. By taking a few measures when wearing your dentures, you may ensure that they stay as long as possible. Always stand over a towel or a sink full of water when removing a denture to soften the blow in case it is dropped.

If you have any issues with the fit of your denture or detect any cracks, you should contact your dentist straight once. If you identify the issue early enough, you may be able to repair your denture rather than having to replace it entirely.


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